Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friends Near and Far...

2008 appeared to be a year some wanted to forget. My blog was no different. I didn't make one single entry in 2008 so I guess I really did forget. Somehow, the resolutions I made and lots of other things couldn't be found. Partly because I moved to Ventura in April. Glenn and the rest of the family moved in June and sold half my stuff. Praise God, there there things I didn't lose but gained this year which will always be precious to me. Memories...and the people that go with them. With so much change and volatility in our times, I wanted to make sure that people that were important to me knew it. Facebook was one way to keep up and attaching myself to their blogs was another. Reconnecting with old friends from high school, Continental Ministries, churches, business, work, and relatives. So I decided to make efforts to really see people this year whenever I can...Here are some highlights of 2008 of my friends far and near...well, this is only January's. I'll post the rest of the year in another slideshow spot when I figure out how to do it...
Of course, there's always iChat or Skype now...get a webcam!

Charlie Tang Born 1/9/08. We got off the plane from Hawaii and jetted straight to the hospital...

The Bolivar Family in Fremont

The Martz Family in Fremont visiting from Placentia

Pastor Sherman & Marti Williams, celebrating their retirement from Fremont Community Church

Glenn's cousins Owen and Don (by the way, both single)

Cousin Debbie and her daughter Nicole and Aunt Martha. Cousins Mark & Fern

Todd Yokotake


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