Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tivo K O'd!

Ok, that's my term now for frustration with timed shows that are being Tivo'd wrong. I have been following the Korean drama, Jumong, on AZN cable television for the last 80 episodes. I mean, I cleared out everything to make sure that even when I went on my two week vacation, there was room enough to hold all the episodes I missed. Every episode ended after an hour and a half and there was always time left over for commercials and such before the next drama came on. Well, the final episode 81 was tonight and low and behold it cut off the ending and Tivo ended with useless commercials for cell phone redemption and ring tones from Tupac Shakir! Hello, AZN is the channel for Asian Americans! We can learn korean, japanese, mandarin etc. through the subtitles! Do I really need ring tones from Tupac? Ok, can you feel my frustration yet? I was knocked out! I already cried through half the show with everyone dying and leaving and then I don't even get to see the ending after 81 episodes. UGH.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Childhood Friends

One of the neatest things that blogs can do is help you get in touch with old friends. I must have been feeling nostalgic these last few days thinking about my friends and wondering what they are now doing. This year I celebrate my 25th year after high school graduation. My classmate Samson has been trying to gather all the Chinese speaking students that we know for a reunion. The funny thing is that I probably didnt' speak as much Chinese back then as I do now! Well one of my childhood friends is named Honey. I haven't seen or spoken to her for more than 25 years since she left for awhile during high school to Washington. It felt so good to be remembered and to be remembered for good things like being kind, and helpful. Emailing her was like getting back to the good old days where we used to roam around Oakland Chinatown. It lead to getting in touch with a whole group of others. I miss the days of basketball at Lincoln Park and walking to Westlake around Lake Merritt during the bus strikes. Do we even walk to school anymore? I find myself driving a few blocks just to pick up my child from school and we used to walk 3.5 miles to Westlake Jr. High during a bus strike! Remember those? AC Transit.... Anyways, in the course of our lifetime, how many people do you think we meet and touch at some point in our lives.... 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My First Late Night Blog Posting

Ok, due to the encouragement of my friend Stan and an overwhelming demand for my time, I am attempting to blog. Can't say that anyone will care about what I have to say, but I'll say it anyway. What's there to talk about they say...well, a 40+ year old women always has something to say. I've been keeping a private journal since junior high school. So, this will at least be an outlet to test out the waters of entering the age of technology and keeping news current. Plus people won't keep asking me where I live every time they see me although I've been at the same address for over 6 years here in Sacramento!
So, here I am late a night trying to put up this blog, and low and behold I get to a button that says," Show transliteration button for your posts? Adds a button to post Editor toolbar to convert English to Hindi script." Oh my gosh, are there that many people that will read my posts in that language? I sure would like it to translate to Spanish and Chinese. That way I can grow my business internationally too. Someone help me get out of this maze! It's late, I'd better get some sleep. I promised that I would get to 8 hours a night. For those of you that know me, know that that's a lot of hours for me!