Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tivo K O'd!

Ok, that's my term now for frustration with timed shows that are being Tivo'd wrong. I have been following the Korean drama, Jumong, on AZN cable television for the last 80 episodes. I mean, I cleared out everything to make sure that even when I went on my two week vacation, there was room enough to hold all the episodes I missed. Every episode ended after an hour and a half and there was always time left over for commercials and such before the next drama came on. Well, the final episode 81 was tonight and low and behold it cut off the ending and Tivo ended with useless commercials for cell phone redemption and ring tones from Tupac Shakir! Hello, AZN is the channel for Asian Americans! We can learn korean, japanese, mandarin etc. through the subtitles! Do I really need ring tones from Tupac? Ok, can you feel my frustration yet? I was knocked out! I already cried through half the show with everyone dying and leaving and then I don't even get to see the ending after 81 episodes. UGH.


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