Monday, April 5, 2010

Yoga Anyone?

When I moved back to the Bay Area, I was really excited and glad to reconnect with many friends that I haven't seen in years. Especially friends in the Fremont area. I have known Henry Abuda, now Pastor Henry, and his wife Arleen for many years. We were able to spend time with them again and found that he is a certified teacher for Bikram Yoga, otherwise known as "Hot Yoga". I, being the adventurous one and not really knowing what to expect, decided I could try it and work out before I ate all that yummy food at his house later that evening.
I don't even know how to explain it, but it was HOT. I thought to myself, "If Hell is like this, then we'd better get a move on it." I heard the temperature in the room is usually set around 105 degrees. That means it was like sitting in Arizona without air conditioning on a summer day and just detoxing by breathing. I thought the class was only 60 minutes of twisting your sweat dripping self into different pretzel positions but it was 90 minutes long. I am very proud to say, I made it through the class. Henry is an awesome teacher. A few weeks earlier, I met some of his students praising him when we ran into them at a restaurant. He said I did really well for a first timer and that's because I was mentally strong. He didn't see me fall asleep in my last pose. He probably thought I was meditating. Even so, I'd love to do it again. Yoga anyone?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back to Blogging

Ok, so I've been challenged to blog again, and maybe like Stan said, my life hasn't been that interesting, but it's more of the fact that I prefer quick info inserts in FB which seem to be more efficient. Ya see, I like efficient. Fastest way to get something done and done well.
So why am I blogging again. Well, even if it's just to talk about one thing for the next three weeks, I'll do that. So I picked my attempt at running a half-marathon. I know it may not seem like much to you, but for this middle aged woman, it's quite the insanity. Why do this insane thing now? Practicing for my bucket list? I don't even run to the grocery store. I'm so bad at running or walking and don't even like it that I would stalk shoppers and wait just for a parking space in the front row.
Grace Sato and I catch up each year together around Christmas time. She told me she was thinking of running the New York marathon in 2011 and I said, "Funny, I was just thinking that I need a change and want to run a marathon." Why don't we do a race together? So, reason #1-Doing something crazy with a friend. If you have something crazy you wanna do, just call me and I'll see if I wanna try it.