Monday, April 5, 2010

Yoga Anyone?

When I moved back to the Bay Area, I was really excited and glad to reconnect with many friends that I haven't seen in years. Especially friends in the Fremont area. I have known Henry Abuda, now Pastor Henry, and his wife Arleen for many years. We were able to spend time with them again and found that he is a certified teacher for Bikram Yoga, otherwise known as "Hot Yoga". I, being the adventurous one and not really knowing what to expect, decided I could try it and work out before I ate all that yummy food at his house later that evening.
I don't even know how to explain it, but it was HOT. I thought to myself, "If Hell is like this, then we'd better get a move on it." I heard the temperature in the room is usually set around 105 degrees. That means it was like sitting in Arizona without air conditioning on a summer day and just detoxing by breathing. I thought the class was only 60 minutes of twisting your sweat dripping self into different pretzel positions but it was 90 minutes long. I am very proud to say, I made it through the class. Henry is an awesome teacher. A few weeks earlier, I met some of his students praising him when we ran into them at a restaurant. He said I did really well for a first timer and that's because I was mentally strong. He didn't see me fall asleep in my last pose. He probably thought I was meditating. Even so, I'd love to do it again. Yoga anyone?

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