Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mount Hermon Family Camp

I'm finally able to upload a picture. This was taken on August 11th as we were leaving a wonderful week of Family Camp with the Andy & Audrey Sun Family and the Steve & Winnie Wong Family plus 2. This was a last minute impulsive decision to take off before Kalista started school and we would be bound by only being spontaneous a few times a year. We celebrated 3 birthdays during the week and ate cake and ice cream all week long. Glenn sneaked over to the Fountain and purchased chocolate malts almost every day while I was totally unaware. We let our exercise program go and decided to ride the rides at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk instead of riding the spin bikes in class. A huge difference. Although Glenn did do the bike ride to Santa Cruz with Andy and Daniel. They were the only ones who rode bikes while the entire rest of the camp went by train or by autos. More to come!


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