Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 10 - 33.3%

Ok, so here we are at Day 10 and I must say, we have done pretty well considering the temptations and activities that have occurred. This week, I did splurge at the 99Cent Only Store cuz they had deals I couldn't pass up. Glenn went to check at another store to see if they had any more but unfortunately, succumbed to buying potato chips and a bag of Red Vine licorice, which I ate half the bag. Not Good...He got an "F" for yesterday. Here's what I spend $29 on yesterday... So I bought like 10 each of these things since my family can polish the pizza in 2 1/2 days if it was one for each of us and it was better than paying $3.99 at the grocery store.

We made a trip to Arroyo Grande to pick up our freezer just in time. But that trip cost us extra gas money since we had to pull a trailer which kept shorting out our tail fuse and caused us to spend money replacing it - $8.00, still cheaper than renting the trailer since our neighbor let us borrow his for free.
This week we are preparing for a garage sale. We've been saying this for a year now. So we have to make room for the freezer too now.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Patty! I'm impressed by your determination. Maybe we should try this out! Ah! Ted would probably kill me for saying that! Praying that you succeed in this "experiment".