Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 1 of September No Spending Experiment

Ok, so I got challenged by this Reader's Digest writer and his experiment for a month where his family was committed to spending "nothing". Not even one penny, on anything except gas and some fresh grocery items. He went as far as not even putting money in the parking meter. You either beg, borrow it, or go without...as long as it doesn't come out of your pocket. (Hint, someone else can pay) He gave examples of how his plumbing went out and he had to learn how to fix it himself, or ask a neighbor to help. He had to think of creative ways to get by for the moment and to see how long he would last. So...our family decided to try it.
Ugh, how am I gonna get through this? I like to buy something every day! So...it's gonna be a total mental game for me. I know some of you don't worry about one day of not spending, but me? It's like getting me to the gym...it's gonna take a lot of prayer and will power.
What am I hoping to get out of this? Well, maybe it's to see what we really spend...or maybe it's to realize that we really don't need that thing that we thought we did..or I dunno. So, I'm hoping to blog the every day temptations, struggles and the triumphs of our experiment.
So today, knowing that I would have to do this starting today, what did I do first? Sleep in. I had Glenn drive the kids to school today (which made Nathan late). You see, I have a routine where I drop the kids off, go to the gym, and then I SHOP. Mainly at the 99¢ Only Store. Every day I go there. There's always something to get there. Vegetables, cookies, bread, supplies...it's the hunt for the DEAL that keeps me there. So...I escaped this morning by NOT going there. BUT, I have to go to the gym later that evening. What did I do? I wore my bike shorts and didn't bring a change of shorts so that I wouldn't want to embarass myself at the stores wearing shorts with a butt pad on it. Not that it matters to the bikers, but for me...NOT. You have to realize that the 99¢ Store is next to Trader Joe's and Ralph's and near everything else I shop for...Ross, Barnes and Noble, Michael's. So, goody for me, I passed the test today. I went straight home after the gym.
Glenn then texted me on my way home to ask if he can buy oranges since they were at a fresh fruit stand. NO! I have orange juice. When I picked up Nathan from school, he said he felt like Dippin' Dots and he had his money with him. I said, NO! Remember, no spending. Maybe you can get someone else to get it for you. He wasn't too disappointed. It sparked up a conversation with Kalista on how to make your own cool treats.
Here's my list of wants today or what I forgot to stock up on for the month:
Salt for the water softener. Total estimated cost $15.00
Oranges $5.00
The door of the van needs to be fixed, the hydraulic lift failed so I it won't stay up. Estimated cost? $250. I hope it's still under warranty.
Picture day is Friday for Nathan. Estimated savings $30. People can see him on Facebook this year.


kimu said...

congrats on passing day 1! I will be following the journey...

jszeto said...

Interesting idea!

"people can see him on facebook this year".. hahahha!

Mike and Mindy Aumann said...

Wow! I wouldn't be able to pass up school pictures. Good for you!