Sunday, January 4, 2009

Diet Resolutions

At this time, millions of people including myself make resolutions to go on a diet, go to the gym, or as some would say, "make lifestyle changes". We promise to lose a few pounds, read our Bibles more often, be on time, wake up earlier or in my case, sleep earlier and a whole bunch of other things. We all know that the gym gets crowded for the first 3 weeks or so and then returns to normal. Sears sells a whole lot of treadmills, only to have a sale on the ones returned in the month of February. We get to the book of Numbers and never make it past Deuteronomy.

I found some goals I wrote last January for my diet. As I read them, I noticed they are much the same ones I wrote for this year. Why? Year in and out I couldn't do the simplest things consistently. I did well in year 2007, what happened to 2008? I gained it all back!

1. Drink 10 cups of water a day.
2. Exercise away at least 500 calories a day.
3. Limit my portions to only my palm.
4. Exercise in the morning instead of the evening. (I was at a plateau)
5. Get 8 hours of sleep.
6. Take my vitamins and medicine.
7. I will not eat junk food or candy.
8. I will plan my meals.

I will tell you what happened...ACCOUNTABILITY. I didn't have the accountability...The gym teacher who says, "where were you Tuesday?" Or the friend who says, "I saved you a bike in spin class and you didn't show up?" Or someone saying, "Are you sure you wanna eat that? That's 45 minutes on the treadmill!" I even had a personal trainer I paid for to make me show up just because I paid for it in advance.
So, with our economic times, where I can't afford a personal trainer, I have YOU. Whoever YOU are...

Monday, January 5th, 2009, I begin my promise to myself to change some habits of my eating regimen. I read on a fitness website the 7 things you should never put in your mouth ever. So...I'm gonna try this year to not let any of these come near me and tell you now hard it is for me.

1. Doughnuts-Ok, we all know that these are the most fattening things in the world. This is not as hard for me now since I don't live near Krispy Kreme like I did in Union City. I do find it hard to resist Hostess Powdered Sugar Doughnuts though when I go on vacation.

2. Cheeseburger and Fries-They say the average cheeseburger like the Whopper with cheese has an average 720 calories. They used to only have about 300, but our portions have gotten bigger. The fries add an additional 610. So I just about hit my daily limit in one meal. What am I to do? I LOVE In-N-Out Burger!

3. Fried Chicken and Chicken Nuggets-Ok, I can't go for Tuesday's $2.99 special at KFC anymore.

4. Oscar Meyer Lunchables-Can you believe it? They listed it as full of fat and bad carbs.

5. Sugary Cereal-I had to get rid of my Sugar Pops, Fruit Loops and Cocoa Rice Krispies.

6. Processed Meats like hot dogs, sausage, jerky, baconm, anything with sodium nitrite. OMG, that means no SPAM Musubi!!!!!!

7. Canned Soups-Yes, I have to resort to making soup from scratch since these easy to open cans of artery plugging, high sodium whatever disease causing preservatives are put into them. I guess I'll just start with Stone Soup.

Ahh, but I can still take a cup of black coffee anytime with you. It's mostly calorie free and cheaper too. I even make my own at home now and tout it around.

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